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 About Us

We started the company with three goals: 

•to give learners confidence and engaging educational tools;

•to support the work of great teachers and instructors;

•to include the larger community whenever and wherever it makes sense. 


Our Content Development Tool Box—What We Do:

•Develop Original Creative Products

We develop award-winning products for in-class and after-school programs.

Hand Songs™ is an innovative product line focused on reading, authentic literature,

active engagement, and parent participation.


•Provide Instruction Services for After-School Programs and Professional Workshops

We develop activities and program materials for after-school programs in elementary, high school, and middle schools.

School in-service, conference, and professional workshop materials are also part of our content development tool box.


Products and Services

Big Book
Read and Rhyme with Me 

Video and Audio Components
Web videos; educational videos; oniine and interactive tools

After-school program development and materials
Adult-learning workshops



"Read and Rhyme with Me From Many Lands" has become one of my absolute favorite children's books. Using different languages and gestures children learn poems from countries around the world...perfect for a group or one on one activity with a child. A must for every child care center!"—One Hope United

"This book is durable.... The illustrations are beautiful and encourage the children to use their imagination... There are a variety of subjects, languages and techniques in the illustrations and art which will keep children as well as teachers interested.”—Crème de la Crème 

We’ve found Hand Songs books to be great complements to teaching kids new languages. The symbols provide a tactile means for young learners to express themselves, and the illustrations are beautiful, so our students’ parents enjoy looking through them with their kids. We hope you can make use of Hand Songs books as well.
 —Lango – Foreign Languages for Kids